A Look Into the Evolving Concrete Staining Services in the Flooring Industry

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concrete staining servicesWant to add character to your home or commercial building? Concrete staining is a great approach for transforming a dull-looking concrete floor. It adds a beautiful opaque color to your concrete floor that could match the type of interior design and vibe that you’re going for.

When treating concrete floors with concrete staining solutions, it’s important to understand that results will vary depending on the the texture and age of concrete, as well as the environmental conditions. An expert concrete staining services provider will know how to approach the job to ensure the result matches your vision as the property owner.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of concrete staining services, why it’s beneficial, how it’s performed, and most importantly, how this decorative style and service evolved over the years.

If you’re ready to add a bit of individuality to your property or home through concrete staining services, let’s begin.

What are Concrete Staining Services?

Concrete staining services include preparing a water-based product and pouring it onto the surface of washed concrete. The stain can vary in colour and will face over time, but if you use a sealer, it can be a permanent part of the surface that will last a long time.

There are two types of concrete staining services that a provider can offer:

Pros Cons
Reactive Staining

●      Perfect for producing a more organic floor with natural colours.

●      Penetrate deeper and last longer

●      Can create a mottled effect

●      Less color options

●      Difficult to achieve specific color outcomes especially if inexperienced.

Non-reactive Staining ●      More reliable color outcomes

●      More color options

●      Difficult to achieve a more organic floor color

●      May not last longer compared to reactive staining

Both stains have their personal charms and different aesthetic feel. It is most likely dependent on the homeowner, property owner, or the contractor to identify which stain will help them achieve their aesthetic vision for their flooring.

How Do You Perform Concrete Staining Services in Modern Day?

Here are a few steps to perform concrete staining services:

1. Thoroughly clean the concrete with a degreaser

This step helps remove all dirts and oils that will hinder the staining process. Use a floor buffing machine or a stiff straw brush and clean the area twice with clean water and wait for it to dry.

2. Test a Small Area of Concrete

Stain a small area to ensure you will get the results you expected. This will also help you assess if:

  • The concrete is cleaned thoroughly
  • The concrete will react properly, especially if you’re doing reactive concrete staining services
  • You like the color outcome

3. Pour the Staining Solution Onto the Concrete

As you pour the solution, adjust the amount you use with the coverage you want. And once it’s dried, seal it with a sealer to achieve a long-lasting result.

A Brief History: How Concrete Staining Services Evolved Over the Years

Now that you know how they performed concrete staining services today, let’s compare the methods and materials used a couple of years ago.

Limited Products are Available Before the Late 1990s

Until the late 1990s, concrete staining services only used reactive acid stains as a staple. This means, there were less color options, and the color outcomes are difficult to control if you’re not experienced with concrete staining. However, most concrete staining services also resulted in a more organic-looking floors with natural colours. The dye also lasted longer as it penetrated deeper into the concrete.

New Products Entered the Scene in the Early 2000s

By the early 2000s, new products started appearing.  There are wider range of color options, and the new products were mostly water-based. This meant that the outcomes of these concrete staining services were more predictable and easier to control. They are also more UV stable, even if you used them indoors or outdoors.

Because most of the new concrete stains’ liquid portion were mostly water-based resins, they are more compliant to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building program.

LEED aims to increase the environmental and health performance of building structures, and the new water-based concrete staining products supported their goal.

Overtime, There Were More Concrete Staining Options

The provider of concrete staining services now have more options to offer. They could offer the traditional look of concrete stains, or they could over the new, modern, and vibrant pattern trends that are popping up from new concrete staining products in the market.

This led to a division in the world of concrete staining services providers: some were traditionalists and sticked with earthtone aesthetic of acid-stain concrete. Meanwhile, the newer batch of concrete staining services providers were more open to using the bright colors of water-based concrete stains that have become mainstream.

And some, well they offer both depending on the needs and the preferences of the client.

Concrete Staining Services Expanded the Market

Due to the introduction of water-based stains and dyes in the early 2000s, the use of concrete stains no longer limited itself to indoor applications of commercial and residential buildings. Now, it’s applicable to outdoor spaces such as parks.

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