Polished concrete is unlike any other floor surface. More than any other choice, concrete enables you to achieve the ideal balance between beauty and practicality. It shimmers and shines and multiplies the radiant effects of light, while giving you a lifelong foundation that's solid as rock, durable, and virtually maintenance free. EzyGrind focuses on achieving the balance you're looking for any home, commercial or industrial application.

Concrete Polishing Solutions

EzyGrind specialises in concrete floor grinding and polishing in commercial, industrial, and warehouse buildings and providing polished concrete floor services in the retail business.

Polished concrete is swiftly gaining appeal as a flooring option for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. With that, concrete grinding polishing is a low-cost, low-maintenance, and long-lasting choice for commercial, industrial, and residential structures. Our polished concrete surfaces are extremely durable and easy to clean.

Ground and Polished Concrete Contractors

Polished concrete can tolerate high volume traffic, avoid discoloration, and prevent water and other potentially harmful elements from being absorbed. Because of that, concrete grinding and polishing NSW is a versatile and low-maintenance flooring solution for both indoor and outdoor concrete floors, old or new. We also have a variety of gloss levels and aggregate exposures to choose from.

As ground and polished concrete contractors in Sydney, we mechanically polish your concrete floor using different grit diamond tools in several phases. For a high gloss mirror image finish, we start with a coarse 25 grit and work our way up to 3000 grit. We can stop at various grit levels to achieve the desired gloss finish.

The floor is densified (concrete hardener) during the process, which strengthens the surface of your concrete floor and improves its shine. Simultaneously, the floor is also grouted, which fills up any air pockets or fractures exposed during the grinding. We then finish the process by applying a stain protector to help protect the floor from pollutants.

Polished Concrete Floor Services Sydney

Our highly skilled concrete floor grinding and polishing personnel are experts in all aspects of concrete floor polishing. They know exactly what is required to reach the highest level of quality.

Our professionals will create a balance between beauty and functionality to offer you a shine that matches its endurance, making it almost maintenance-free. We also have the tools to complete the job swiftly and efficiently, with the least amount of disruption and delay possible.

With extensive experience in retail, commercial, and industrial concrete grinding Australia, we are confident in our ability to deliver outcomes that exceed your expectations in concrete grinding and polishing NSW.

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