Concrete Epoxy Flooring 101

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concrete epoxy flooring

Concrete epoxy flooring is popular for industrial and commercial use, offering various types such as self-dispersing, gravelled, self-leveling, mortar, vapor barrier, terrazzo, and antistatic coatings. Each type has unique advantages and disadvantages when compared to others.


Epoxy is an adhesive, paint, plastic or other material that is created as a polymer of epoxides. It is described as coatings that are created from two components, meaning, a combination mix of two different chemicals, referred to as resin. As compared to using other types of resins for flooring, there are many benefits that come with using concrete epoxy flooring. Most preeminently, epoxy is known to be the highest strength resin in the industry. They proffer the strongest bond between the resin and reinforcement and allow for the construction of the lightest part and most durable modules.


The predominant flooring option for residential, commercial and industrial applications is epoxy floor coating. Epoxy flooring is typically two-part systems consisting of Part A: resin and Part B: hardener. Additives like flow control, UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, and accelerators are used to enhance epoxy floor coatings for various applications.

These additives allow for different performance characteristics such as rapid curing, increased abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, viscosity control, and more. Pigments, quartz aggregate, vinyl flakes, and glitter are added for different aesthetics and performance qualities. Different types of aggregate sands can be mixed to create thicker, durable flooring systems with non-slip texture. Epoxy floor coatings offer exceptional versatility in performance and aesthetics.


Why should you choose epoxy over other epoxy flooring options? It all comes down to the many benefits of this amazing product:


If you are like many homeowners today, you use the garage as the main entrance to your home and epoxy or resin flooring provides much better aesthetic than plain concrete floors, plus, thanks to 100% UV protection, the coating will never oxidize or turn yellow in the sun.


As opposed to other flooring options, durable epoxy stands the test of time. It won’t warp or buckle in changing temperatures, become punctured by kickstands, peel under hot tires or stain if something spills. The durable topcoat provides high resistance to extreme temperatures, abrasion and impact for a long-lasting, durable product that looks beautiful for many years to come.


It is easy to remove dirt, road salts and oil spills from concrete epoxy flooring. Maintenance requires nothing more than mopping or hosing down the surface every so often.


With two dozen standard colours and endless customizable options to choose from, you can create the exact look you are going for. The choice to embed a logo or other picture in the concrete epoxy flooring also makes it ideal for commercial applications.


You might think of this your chance for a DIY project as you can purchase concrete epoxy flooring kits but professional installations is highly recommended for the best results. Proper floor preparation Sydney, primer application, epoxy mixing and other vitals steps must take place before the epoxy goes down. Plus, once the application starts, you must work quickly before the epoxy dries.

Hiring professionals only means that you will get quality epoxy flooring services. This involves giving careful attention to each step in the process. From the time floor covering preparation starts to when the epoxy has completely cured, the entire installation takes about four to five days. The time you spend parking your car in the driveway is well worth the wait.


The cost will depend on the size of the surface you want to be coated and the current condition of the concrete. So if you are planning to get quotes from reputable coating companies, ensure you let them know if there are cracks, stains or bumps in the concrete, as this will require to be factored into the time required to prep, before the coating is applied.


Due to the durability and hard-wearing nature of flake epoxy garage flooring and commercial kitchen epoxy floor coatings, caring for it is quite simple but there are some key ways to ensure your floor coating lasts for years to come.

  • Once installation is one, do not allow people to walk on the newly coated surface for at least 24 hours. It would take up to 7 days to reach optimal hardness.
  • Remove any spills immediately. The flake floor coating is stain and water-resistant, but cleaning regularly will help to minimise wear over time.
  • Use gentle cleaning products and mops to clean the coated floors.


Epoxy flooring Sydney has been widely popular not only in residential houses but mostly in commercial buildings, warehouses and even on retail stores. The advantages of  concrete epoxy flooring compared to any type of flooring options are far greater that is why more and more people choose them. But what makes concrete epoxy flooring a good investment? Because it is durable and low maintenance. It can withstand heavy loads and is recommended in heavy foot or vehicle traffic, but that does not mean they do not need maintenance. The worst thing to an epoxy floor being neglected is peeling.

There are multiple ways you can install an epoxy flooring anywhere you want, there are DIY boxes that will help you install them yourself but the problem is, without professional help all you have is an epoxy floor not properly installed. Most of the complaints regarding epoxy floor peeling is that it started to peel in almost a year.

There are multiple reasons for this, one, they could have purchased expired or subpar products, two, they possibly missed out an important step or three, they did not do it properly. You might be thinking that you could save a lot more by installing them yourself but later on you will find yourself spending more on repair than on the installation.

So how do you prevent epoxy flooring from peeling? Keep reading and we will tell you more about it.


Epoxy is a very tenacious and tough coating to remove when applied properly. That is why it is the number option for floor coating options for business or even home owners. Just like any problem, anything can be avoided buy paying attention to the details. And so, here are some of the most common reasons for peeling along with solutions in how to avoid them.


Poorly prepared concrete surface is the main cause of epoxy peeling. The surface profile, which refers to the roughness and porosity of the concrete, is crucial for the mechanical bond of the epoxy. Acid etching or grinding the concrete is necessary to achieve the correct surface profile. Profiling the concrete exposes the pores, allowing the epoxy to adhere effectively. Incorrect preparation can lead to poor adhesion and eventual peeling. Even new concrete requires proper profiling for successful epoxy application.

It should have a lighter appearance and a rougher texture to it that is similar to 100 grit sandpaper once the concrete is profiled correctly. Test it by dropping some water onto the concrete in various areas. The surface should immediately turn dark and absorb the water in less than a minute. Now, if you are buying your concrete epoxy flooring kit on the internet beware of the clean and etch solutions that come with the lesser expensive. Many times these solutions are not effective enough to create the proper surface profile.

The reason for this is that these solutions generally consist of citric acid crystals and why manufacturers use it is that it is safe for the environments and it is much more difficult to harm yourself if used improperly especially if you are not familiar with such work. The problem however is that is that citric acid is the weakest of the concrete acid etching solutions and it will not profile a hard troweled or machine troweled surface effectively.

The most important thing to remember when acid etching a floor is that the concrete should always be cleaned thoroughly first before applying the acid etch.


Moisture is the second most common problem associated with the peeling of epoxy floors. Water vapour cannot pass through epoxy. The hydrostatic pressure that is created from the water vapour being trapped under the epoxy coating can create enough force to lift the epoxy right off the surface if you have moisture under any part of your slab that is below grade.

Inspect your floor for signs of moisture. Efflorescence is the very first sign that you may have moisture problem and so are dark spots on the floor. If your slab is below grade on any side than it is imperative that you do a simple moisture test first before starting an epoxy floor project.


If you have achieved the correct surface profile it is important to make sure to check that any oil stained areas that were previously cleaned are absorbent and not repelling water. These are areas that you will want to check with the water drop test. It is uncommon for a previously oil stained area to de darker in colour that the surrounding concrete. As long as it absorbs water, then it will absorb epoxy and provide good adhesion. Be sure to perform a water drop test around the areas where the car tires sits as well because other contaminants such as silicone from tire dressing products and polymer compounds that leach out of warm tires and will not allow epoxy to adhere either.

Acid etching will not remove silicones and tire polymer residue.  If you acid etched the concrete and thee areas do not pass the water drop test, you will need to grind the concrete to remove the residue.

Here are the advantages of concrete epoxy flooring and how you can make full use of it.

Epoxy flooring is a fantastic option for a wide range of different types of structures. It is reasonably priced, long-lasting, and versatile. It is unnecessary to worry about refinishing your floors because the average epoxy floor lasts for years on end.

You might be wondering, what would I benefit from installing epoxy on my floor? Or is epoxy flooring services Sydney worth it? Well to answer your quandary, EzyGrind has prepared a list of advantages below!

1. Cost-effective

An advantage of concrete epoxy flooring is that it is extremely cost-efficient. The cost per square foot of laminate flooring is significantly lower than the cost per square foot of other types of flooring. In knowing that the flooring will not need to be replaced for many years and will require little maintenance, the real deal becomes apparent. If your concrete floor does not provide the desired appearance or benefits, epoxy is a simple and cost-effective solution for an industrial-style location.

Professional installation from epoxy flooring Sydney will be worthwhile because the quality ensures that the flooring will remain intact for an extended period of time, making it an efficient choice. Also, EzyGrind’s professionals are skilled at providing quality epoxy flooring services while avoiding poor application practices and implementing necessary protective measures.

2. Stain and Water-Resistant

Concrete epoxy flooring is extremely long-lasting and resistant to stains and liquids of any kind. Because epoxy does not warp or stain like wood, laminate, or other types of flooring, it is ideal for areas that have experienced water damage. When the inevitable spills occur, cleanup is straightforward, and stains are extremely rare.

3. Durable

Epoxy is the most difficult to work with, when it comes to flooring. The chemical compounds combine to form an impact-resistant floor that can withstand shock, heat, heavy machinery, and other factors without cracking or deteriorating over time. In addition, the flooring is durable enough to withstand chemical spills, making it suitable for use in chemical plants.

4. Eco-friendly

Neither eroding nor flaking concrete epoxy flooring poses a threat to the environment’s health or safety. Additionally, when compared to other types of flooring, installation leaves less waste behind. Since it is not porous, it does not necessitate the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

5. Perfect with Vehicles

Its uniform surface keeps vehicles and tires in top shape. Concrete may cause more tire wear, whereas epoxy’s smoothness causes little to no tire reaction. This setting will prolong the life of your car and reduce mechanical issues. The increased tensile strength of epoxy-coated concrete supports your car’s weight better.

6. Easy to Clean

Since epoxy is poured, it does not have the seams, joints, or ridges that are present in tile or other types of flooring. Due to the lack of cracks and crevices, epoxy is a more sanitary flooring option because dirt and bacteria cannot hide in these areas during cleaning. In food processing plants and healthcare facilities, an anti-microbial additive can raise the level of sanitation to an entirely new level. Furthermore, its smooth surface makes it easier for hospital gurneys or forklifts to roll over without being jostled or encountering resistance from floor seam bumps.

7. Safety

Safety should be the number one priority of any company at all times. Epoxy flooring non-slip can eliminate the need for concern about slips and accidents. This is an excellent safety measure for areas with a high volume of foot traffic or machinery. The floors made of epoxy are also highly visible, as they do not have any hidden cracks or bumps that could cause an accident.

8. Appearance

A smooth, shiny, and seamless appearance make concrete epoxy flooring an appealing option for a variety of different types of construction projects. Ultimately, residential, commercial, and industrial buildings will surely benefit from the many beautiful colors available in epoxy flooring services Sydney!

Before we end this blog, here are the new notions about epoxy flooring.

It is critical in today’s workplaces to have areas set apart for meetings, chats,  and open discussion among colleagues. Epoxy flooring is a popular choice among architects when constructing workplace space, which should be a location that stimulates creativity while also promoting integration and teamwork.

The fact is that epoxy has been developed since the early 1930s and is not a novel technology. A $20-billion-dollar market has evolved around epoxy because of its ability to stand up to time and weather conditions. But even dating back to the former, concrete epoxy flooring technology continues to find its way in developing state-of-the-art patterns and configurations. Thus, here’s where we dive into 7 new notions about epoxy flooring Sydney that will turn your world upside down.

1. Floors Prompted by the Industry

When it comes to manufacturing facilities and warehouses, the urge for minimalism and Scandinavian aesthetic is reflected through the employment of solutions that were previously linked only with these types of facilities. For a more industrial look, seamless floors made of a clear resin concrete and various shades of colored quartz silica powder or flakes, such as colors of beige or grey, can be used instead of traditional tile flooring.

2. Taking Surfaces in Underwater Illusions

Through the use of integrating hues and whirling the epoxy paint, an undersea effect is created on epoxy floors. Consider using a paint roller to apply blue and green paint on a canvas to create an oceanic landscape as your inspiration. Due to the fact that when it comes to concrete epoxy flooring, developing a vision or location such as a deep sea floor first and then bringing it to life in your home is critical in the execution of an underwater illusion in your home. This emerging concept is a like a breath of fresh air to our conventional designs and patters.

3. Clashing Color Combination on Epoxy Flooring

Smooth flooring in white or grey tones are a common feature in the creative business, such as in advertising firms and architectural studios, among other places. Their goal is to establish a trendy, uncluttered environment in which it is simpler to concentrate and generate fresh ideas. The use of contrasting colors, such as different coloured hues, or a blend of gloss and matte finishes, can create enticing and sophisticated workplaces.

4. Checkboard Epoxy Flooring

Using a pattern that resembles the flags at the racetrack, you can convert your carport into a sophisticated race stop. In order to accomplish your DIY epoxy undertaking, colour the entire floor surface in the lighter color first, then mark the squares using painter’s tape. Draw lines in the darker shade on each and every other square, then stand back and witness your garage turn into a pleasurable spot to park your automobiles.

5. Bold Color Incorporations

Make a bold statement with a deep black, azure, or crimson epoxy floor that stands out from the crowd. The richness of these colors adds intensity and even coziness to the overall appearance of the area. Add flakes or metallic highlights to the base color to complete the eye-catching style, or leave everything the same shade for a streamlined appearance. Choosing bold colors may be quite intimidating and tricky at first, but this new notion on concrete epoxy flooring establishes new conventions to how we design our spaces.

6. Revealing the Unfinished Concrete Substrate

Sealing the concrete floor with a light coating of clear epoxy resin safeguards it from scuffs and damage caused by regular use, while also allowing the natural substrate to be seen beneath the surface. In combination with office furniture that has a comparable urban feel, this concrete epoxy flooring creates a visually arresting effect that will stand the test of time for a long period of time.

7. Terrazzo in Resin for Entryways or Lobbies

The visible division of sectors with distinct functions is made possible by the variation of the floor finish. Corridors, meeting rooms, and large office spaces benefit from the elegance of a resin terrazzo floor, which is composed of a variety of colorful, ornamental aggregates that are integrated into the epoxy mix and then diamond ground to produce a smooth finish. Carpet floors, which absorb the sound of footfall and allow for greater attention in other sections of the office, are typically employed in areas where silence and concentration are required. It is important to create spots at the interface of different materials in such manner that the borders between them are not clearly defined. Fine aluminum bands and visual patterns can be employed to assist the crossover between the different spaces in this manner.


Epoxy flooring Sydney is very popular as it not only beneficial but can also add value to your home. If you are looking for a company that provides quality epoxy flooring services then Ezygrind is the company for you. We provide not only the best epoxy flooring but also floor covering preparation and concrete floor grinding and polishing.

Ezygrind has provided epoxy flooring services Sydney for years and has made a name out of it. With professionals working in everything you want them to, you can expect the best outcome in every project you assign them with. We have the experience and we only employ highly skilled workers. We always make the clients’ needs and wants’ a priority but also give professional advice as to not jeopardize the project and will result in the best outcome as possible.

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