6 Costly Blunders You Need to Avoid If You Have Stained Concrete Floors

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stained concrete floors

Because it enables a large array of colour and design possibilities, staining concrete is the way of colouring concrete that is the most popular and prefered choice. There are various ways in which having a stained concrete surface in your home may improve both the quality of your life and the value of your property, regardless of whether you intend to stain the concrete yourself or pay a professional to do it for you. On the other hand, it is essential that you have a solid understanding of what stained concrete floors are, how it operate, and how it is administered. Even a single error has the potential to completely change the outcome, and nobody desires a disastrous stain job on their flooring. Thus, here’s 6 costly blunders you need to avoid if you have stained concrete floors.

1. Scarce Surface Pretreatment

When it comes to laying stained concrete floors, this is one of the most typical errors that individuals make. Before beginning the staining process, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and devoid of any debris, dust, or grease. If you do not properly prepare the surface, the stain will not cling well and will eventually peel off.

2. Areas on the Concrete Surface That Do Not Absorb Stain

Before you opted for a stained concrete floors, it had likely been exposed to a variety of unpleasant substances, like dog urine, alcohol, and even oil leaks. Some stains are difficult to locate, and they won’t become visible until after the concrete stain has been poured. The difficult part is not getting clear of the stain but rather finding where it is. Before continuing with the staining process, one strategy you might try is to first saturate the concrete surface with water and then proceed with the work. The water makes the concrete darker, and the areas where the stains are will become more noticeable as a result. Target those places and, before spreading the concrete stain, make sure the stains have been removed completely.

3. Exposure to VOCs

Many of the materials that are used for stained concrete floors contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When absorbed either directly or indirectly, the gases in question can wreak havoc on one’s respiratory system. The majority of conventional paints still have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other hazardous substances. Symptoms might range from lightheadedness and headaches to alterations in eyesight and even loss of consciousness.

Selecting natural paints or eco-friendly staining chemicals is the best way to entirely eliminate VOCs and the impacts they have. When painting concrete, go for products with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. You may get more information on these at any nearby hardware or paint store in your area.

4. Utilizing an excessive amount of stain

When striving for stained concrete floors, this is another typical error that people do. It is just necessary to apply a very little coat of stain, and you do not want it to be too thick. If you use an excessive amount of stain, it will take a very long time to dry, and the finished product may have streaks or be uneven.

5. Employing Cleaning Agents That Are Acidic or Alkaline

How you maintain your stained concrete floors is largely determined by the sort of concrete floor you have, such as whether it is attractive or functional, such as in a garage. Nevertheless, in any scenario, making use of the improper cleaning products may result in long-term damage.

This is especially important for stained concrete floors, and it is very necessary to use only cleaning products that have a PH level that is neutral. This is because alkaline and acidic substances will destroy the beautiful finish of your floor. In order to prevent the same outcome, it is essential to immediately clean up any spills of substances such as lemon juice, ammonia, or vinegar as soon as they occur. If your concrete is coated, then it will eventually wear through this coating. As a result, you will need to have it resealed more often than is typical, which will cause you to waste money excessively. Therefore, it is always safer to stay with cleaning chemicals that are less harsh and have a neutral PH.

6. Utilising A Single Mop

This is especially true for commercial settings like restaurants and retail, where staff members frequently reuse mops for different areas of the establishment, such as the kitchen and the lobby. In addition to the possibility that the existence of grease on your stained concrete floors could make it exceedingly sloppy and dangerous for visitors, a single mop head poses the risk of transferring potentially harmful compounds from the kitchen onto the concrete floor.

stained concrete floorsStaining Concrete Floors

Sanding the stain and applying it again is the method that works best for fixing mistakes made in stained concrete floors. Sanding the stain out is the most successful way to remove it, but if it doesn’t work, you can try removing old stains from your pavements with an acid solution (such as muriatic) or paint stripper. However, neither of these methods is as efficient as sanding off the stain.

If your do-it-yourself project is unsuccessful in the end, you will need to employ a professional. Because of our unwavering dedication to quality and the complete satisfaction of our customers, EzyGrind has emerged as the industry leader in Sydney in the field of concrete staining solutions. You can trust that we will always strive to go far beyond what is required of us, regardless of the size of the task.

Now that you know costly blunders you need to avoid if you have stained concrete floors, allow us to discuss to you how crucial is it to choose the right concrete staining contractors Sydney.

Even though we might all try our hand at a do-it-yourself project every once in a while, there are some tasks that are just way too difficult for a beginner to effectively complete. When the time comes to hire concrete staining contractors Sydney for a flooring project, we all have the same goal in mind: to locate a reliable contractor who can do the work to the best possible standard at a cost that is manageable for our budgets. When you depend on another person to carry out a task or a service for you, it is imperative that you select a competent professional. Your choice of contractor has a significant bearing on the whole atmosphere of the project.

If you hire an experienced professional, he or she will be able to guide and organise the work so that it appears easy. Choosing the correct concrete staining contractors Sydney should be your top priority if you want to be able to reap your visions. For starters, here’s 5 reasons why choosing the right concrete staining contractors Sydney is crucial.

1. Adheres to the Timetable

When it comes to flooring, delays can result in significant costs, which is why timelines shouldn’t be up for discussion. When providing you with an estimated delivery date, trustworthy concrete staining contractors Sydney should always err on the side of caution and under-promise in order to maximise their chances of exceeding their customers’ expectations. After all, they want their money on schedule just as everyone else does. Be cautious to perform some investigation about the company’s practises and guarantees pertaining to delays before making any commitments. In addition, check reviews to find out the company’s track record about timely delivery by looking at their track record.

2. Operates Within the Budget

The ideal scenario is one in which your concrete staining contractors Sydney are able to provide you with a high-quality project at the lowest possible cost. On the other hand, if you put cost ahead of everything else in your decision-making process, you run the danger of jeopardising the success of your project. It is strongly recommended that you look for a group that can work either within or close to your financial constraints without lowering the quality of the work as a whole.

When you get a list of pricing from several contractors, it is important to understand why one offer is significantly lower than the others; for example, does the company skip a phase in the process? To what extent are they going to cut corners in order to finish the project? Although it’s hard to resist the urge to go with the lowest-priced contractor, doing so could lead to significant complications in the long run.

3. Excellent Customer Service

You should look for concrete staining contractors Sydney that can demonstrate professional project management and who will produce a work product of sufficient quality. Try to find a contract that puts the satisfaction of the consumer ahead of all other concerns. Look for businesses that are willing to put in the effort to learn your prefered aesthetic and are trustworthy enough to adjust to your expectations in an appropriate manner.

4. Reduced Likelihood of Accidents Occurring

If your concrete staining contractors Sydney are not working in a safe manner, there is a good probability that an accident will happen, which could result in your project being left unfinished and failed. It is strongly suggested that you enquire about the guidelines and policies that the potential contractors you hire follow in order to guarantee that they are dedicated to the safety of everyone involved in the project, including yourself, the contractors, and any subcontractors who may involve with the flooring project.

stained concrete floors5. Professional Output

The most qualified candidates for the task are concrete staining contractors Sydney who specialise in a given subfield of the residential construction sector. They would hold designations bestowed upon them by relevant professional bodies in addition to the licenses issued by the state that are necessary for them to engage in their line of work. This indicates that they would have vast understanding of the job’s smallest elements, unlike the other contractors who do not have this level of knowledge.

Looking for a contractor to help you experience the maximum utility of staining concrete floors? EzyGrind is right at your service! Our strong commitment to quality and client satisfaction has made us the leader in concrete polishing and sealing across Sydney. No matter the scale of the job, trust that we always aim to go above and beyond what is expected. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals have been in the business for more than 10 years. And we put those years of experience on the table for every project that we commit ourselves to.

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