Anti Static Resin Flooring: Benefits and Drawbacks

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anti static resin flooring

Resin flooring (also known as epoxy flooring) is no doubt a top-tier flooring option for any project. No matter where you intend to install it, your garage, your kitchen, your retail store, the warehouse, your business, your own building, it is very flexible and matches with the interior as long as you choose the right color options.

Today, anti static resin flooring is a number option for future homeowners when they think of buying a new house and this favors the sellers as it adds value to the house. For you to have the perfect floor, you need floor preparation contractors to expertly prepare your floor before the final process to put resin in. It sounds scary if you are a first timer but here are the pros and cons of having one.




Materials for anti static resin flooring are relatively cheap. It has a very simple method of manufacturing and is relatively fast to install as it is a derivative of plastic. Cost-effectiveness is a key appeal of resin floors and makes them suitable for large spaces such as warehouses. Base level resin is a very cheap material however sealants and protective layers that are skid resistant will add to the price of the installation.


It is extremely firm once the resin hardens. They are very useful in garages because thicker floors can withstand almost constant use from heavy vehicles. Forklifts on the other hand which are heavy machinery are also suitable for the use of the resin floor. That is how durable it is. Its durability can withstand shocks and impacts such as accidental drops or spillages and it does not wear down.


We don’t want to spend more money on repair than the installation and there is no point in installing a new floor if it is going to need replacing shortly after or if any damages occur. Anti static resin flooring is an exceptionally long-lasting type of floor which can exceed 10 years even with constant use. And because it lasts long it is a good investment which is why it is so popular for commercial and industrial spaces. Proper sealants and protective layers can increase the lifespan further.



A resin floor is slippery when wet without installing an additional skid-resistant layer. This can be challenge for health and safety regulations ad increase the risk of accidents in the workplace. A skid-resistant layer is usually an optional extra but become essential for many spaces especially those prone to moisture and water.


Many installations can result in a slightly uneven surface that is prone to cracking but Ezygrind guarantees you that this will not happen. Any inconsistency in pouring will undermine the integrity of the surface. Cracking is not just cosmetic, it can cause the substrate below to receive damage and will make it possible for chemicals, moisture, and other substances to seep into the surface.


You might think of this your chance for a DIY project as you can purchase epoxy floor kits but professional installations is highly recommended for the best results. Proper floor covering preparation, primer application, epoxy mixing, and other vitals steps must take place before the epoxy goes down. Plus, once the application starts, you must work quickly before the epoxy dries.

Hiring professionals means that you will get quality epoxy flooring services. This involves giving careful attention to each step in the process. From the time floor preparation starts to when the epoxy has completely cured, the entire installation takes about four to five days. The time you spend parking your car in the driveway is well worth the wait.


The cost will depend on the size of the surface you want to be coated and the current condition of the concrete. So, if you are planning to get quotes from reputable coating companies, ensure you let them know if there are cracks, stains, or bumps in the concrete, as this will need to be factored into the time required to prep before the coating is applied.


Caring for it is quite simple due to the durability and hard-wearing nature of flake and epoxy floor coatings but there are some keyways to ensure your floor coating lasts for years to come.

  • Once installed, do not allow people to walk on the newly coated surface for at least 24 hours. It takes up to 7 days to reach optimal hardness.
  • Remove any spills immediately. The flake floor coating is stain and water-resistant but cleaning regularly will help to minimize wear over time.
  • Use gentle cleaning products and mops to clean the coated floors.


epoxy flooring


You may save thousands of dollars and avoid spending on flooring repairs since epoxy can often be installed over existing flooring. This may prevent you from needing to replace a concrete slab that would fail within years if it were left exposed.


Although epoxy resins are derived from petroleum, switching to anti static resin flooring can help you reduce your overall carbon emissions. Long service life means you won’t have to buy or apply products that might have more direct environmental consequences, such as heavy paints.


Anti static resin flooring is very easy to care for with the waterproof finish. The burden of peeling like paint, falling apart tiles or stain like concrete are gone. You just must mop it with a damp sponge to pick up any residue once the floor is swept. There is no need to spend time scrubbing with degreasers or other concrete cleaners because the surface won’t absorb dirt and stains. Keeping your garage floor clean and attractive will be easier than ever before when you invest in the right coating.

So, how do you maintain your resin floor?

All floors constitute investments in the appearance, functionality, and/or lifespan of a surface, and as such, they should be seen as lucrative assets that should be tended for. In addition to keeping the floor looking exquisite, an effective floor treatment model will provide the floor the highest likelihood of performing and lasting even beyond the anticipated life duration. A prominent flooring alternative in urban and business work settings is epoxy anti static resin flooring, which is highly regarded because of the multitude of desirable features that this epoxy flooring has.

As a result, because the discussion on anti static resin flooring might be intricate, there may be some doubt regarding the foundations and nuances of epoxy flooring installation and maintenance. Despite the fact that resin floors are robust and durable systems, it is necessary to follow a proper cleaning regimen in order to keep the floor’s performance qualities in great nick.

Fine particles of dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the resin floor and function as abrasives if bombarded with a lot of foot movements on it. Regular cleaning, carried out using suitable cleaning techniques, is required to mitigate this from happening.  Keeping surfaces clean and hygienic is especially crucial in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries, where it is imperative to retain sanitary conditions. Metal swarf is very abrasive in engineering undertakings and can cause significant damage in a short period of time if it is not cleared off the floor.

Now, given the imperativeness of proper floor upkeep, how then do we maintain resin flooring to retain its optimal function?

Regimen of Floor Upkeep

A variety of factors, including the type of anti static resin flooring laid, the type and frequency of traffic, the extent and form of soiling, and any specific hygiene needs, will influence the maintenance strategy. Depending on the state, each cleaning routine will be tailored to the specifics of the situation. For extensive soiling, for example, a switch in cleaning solutions may be compelled.

Anti Static Resin Flooring Maintenance Tips

To keep an epoxy floor in good condition, you’ll want to do at least modest maintenance on it on a regular basis. Despite the fact that they require little upkeep, common sense should be applied when caring for them. And to take you through the process, here’s some basic-knows on anti static resin flooring maintenance that you definitely have to keep tabs on.

epoxy flooring1. Soap-based floor cleaners produce a tint on anti static resin flooring that accumulates over time and becomes difficult to get rid. Warm water and a good mop or deck-scrubbing brush should be sufficient for cleaning anti static resin flooring — soap is not required. If you require additional scrubbing force, a mild soap such as gentle soap can be used to assist you with the tougher messes.

2. Keep the surfaces clean and free of dirt and grit. This is especially true if you are transporting heavy machinery or automobiles on and off the ground floor. If dirt and grit are permitted to remain on an epoxy floor, they will embed or damage the surface. It is recommended that you remove all sand or debris from your Epoxy floors on a regular basis since, despite the fact that.

Epoxy floors are quite durable, they can begin to show signs of wear from repetitive scratches over time. The most effective method for accomplishing this is to utilize a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment. The frequency with which you vacuum is determined by the amount of dirt and grit that is tracked onto the floor.

Consider taking extra steps while moving heavy machinery over the floor to ensure that the surface is clean of dust and grit prior to moving the machinery.

3. A tiny area of the floor where something has been spilled or tracked in is often all that needs to be vacuumed or swept. This area should be cleaned with a mop and warm water after the liquid has been vacuumed up, as well as any dirt and grime that may have accumulated on the floor. When liquid accidents occur on anti static resin flooring, they are extremely easy to clean because of their great water resistance.

4. Some stains, such as rust, require only a mild washing with a kitchen brushing pad or a soft deck brush and warm water to be removed completely. Steel wool and harsh chemicals such as comet should not be used since they are too abrasive. Use a mild scrub and a scrubbing rag or brush with a moderately harsh abrasiveness. Never use any cleaning products that have citrus or acid in the ingredients. Citrus cleansers and vinegar are known to degrade epoxy catalysts and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Clean the entire area with care by sweeping and vacuuming it. Remove everything that is in the way of getting to the floor. Using a hard foam mop and warm/hot water to remove all of the surface dirt, grime, and grit, follow up with a hard foam mop and warm/hot water to remove any remaining built-up dirt. A clear ammonia/water solution (with 2-3 ounces of ammonia per gallon hot water) can then be used for a second mopping session after that.

6. Shop towels or a paper towel should be used to wipe up antifreeze, oil, and other car-related substances, and they should be disposed of properly. The most important thing to remember regarding car spills is that they should not be allowed to sit on the floor surface for an extended period of time.

It is even possible that engine oil contains compounds that are possibly harmful to an epoxy floor. Remove any spilled gas as soon as possible because it will damage the surface of an epoxy floor if left to sit for an extended period of time. Paint, household cleansers, and other abrasive liquids must be removed from the scene as soon as possible. To clean them, immediately wipe them down with shop towels once they have been spilled.

Contemplating on having your anti static resin flooring maintained, yet grasping for time to do so? Worry no more, EzyGrind has you covered just right! We offer a complete range of services, including cleaning, coating, and resin flooring protection. Ezygrind also provides the best floor preparation Sydney and epoxy flooring  installation. Using their expertise, our professionals can equip you with a tailored, long-lasting solution at a competitive price. The most integral aspect of our epoxy flooring services is that they generate a glamorous look that is resistant to wear and tear. Contact us today!

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