Factory Floor Preparation

Factory floor preparation is necessary to create a long-lasting and high-performing industrial floor system. Proper factory floor preparation allows the new flooring system to adhere properly preventing damage from peeling, bubbling, and bacterial proliferation. Adequately prepping an industrial or commercial floor slab for a fresh polymer coating is critical for a high-performance, long-lasting flooring system.

Industrial Floor Preparation Contractors

We provide factory floor preparation as a stand-alone service or as part of a complete flooring package at Ezygrind. We provide tailored solutions based on the floor that is currently in use. Shot blasting and diamond grinding are two of the most frequent factory floor preparation processes we use. They may appear to be messy, but everything is done using powerful three-phase vacuums that almost eliminate dust generation. We edge grind after shot blasting and diamond grinding. Edge sharpening is done with small handheld diamond grinders, which produce no dust.

Steps For Proper Concrete Floor Preparation

When preparing a new or existing concrete floor slab for the installation of a new coating system, professional concrete factory floor preparation contractors often follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Resin injection is typically used to repair any existing surface defects. Ensure that cracked or delaminated concrete is patched, as well as fissures or seams in concrete that are experiencing water leakage.
  2. Getting rid of old loose coats or paint. If the paint was applied unevenly, faded over time, or has a lot of wear and tear, removing the old paint first will make the new coat go on much better and create a more consistent, polished, and finished look.
  3. Removal of dirt, chemicals, oil, and other pollutants to ensure that the new flooring system adheres completely and without flaws.
  4. Surface profiling ensures that the coating adheres securely to the substrate and avoids many of the usual difficulties that can affect coating longevity.
  5. Floor testing to identify any moisture issues on the concrete that will undoubtedly damage the new concrete floor solution.

Every concrete floor is unique. The skilled staff at Ezygrind can analyze the specific issues that a given slab presents and establish the best way for preparing and installing a new floor, as well as address any concerns. It’s critical to advise your manufacturer-approved installer about the traffic patterns and regular activities in the space, as well as the chemicals, acids, or caustics to which the floor is exposed. All of these aspects contribute to ensuring that your facility’s concrete floor substrate receives the proper preparation process to successfully bond with the new coating.

4 Proven Methods Used In Preparing Concrete Floors

Each floor and its surroundings are distinct. Correct factory floor preparation entails profiling concrete floors and professional installers use a range of mechanical technologies, including:

Shot Blasting – Typically used to roughen concrete surfaces or remove thinner polyurethane coatings, tile mastics, and brittle coatings such as epoxy of MMA (methyl methacrylate) ranging in thickness from 10 mils to 1/8th inch.

Diamond Grinding — Among mechanical profiling processes, it produces the nicest finish. Diamond grinding can be used to remove deposits, smooth the surface profile, and level uneven joints or high spots on concrete floor surfaces. To remove thicker coatings, solid carbide cutters are used.

Scarification — This technique is used to remove a layer of concrete up to 14 inches deep, exposing a new, clean surface, profiling a surface, or adding grooves for a non-slip surface.

Scabbling — Used to remove a thicker layer of concrete than scarification and is best for eliminating spalling or damaged concrete.

Installers will prepare the concrete substrate as the final stage in factory floor preparation to assist assure overall performance of the new coating. Installers will select the best primer for the job based on the type of floor coating system, application method, and facility conditions.

The proper and suitable preparation of a concrete floor is critical to the floor’s performance and longevity. Professional epoxy floor installers are qualified and equipped to handle any obstacles that a new flooring system or re-coating project may present.

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