Factory Epoxy Flooring

Factory epoxy flooring or floor coatings are designed to keep your facility safe and easy to navigate. With a variety of options, including 2 tone color patterns, patterns, and logos, you can install a slip-resistant floor that fits directly into your facility’s design aesthetic. All of our epoxy coatings can be customized to include areas for markings like H20, oil, water, or gasoline.

Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Industrial and Manufacturing Spaces

Ezygrind's factory epoxy flooring is designed to create and maintain a productive, safe, and clean environment. Our products are ideal for indoor factory facilities, warehouses, and shipping or receiving docks to protect pedestrians from the wear and tear of work environments. Ezygrind’s floor coatings are resistant to heavy workloads, durable under chemical spills and other harsh chemicals, enhance visual appeal by displaying new floors upon installation and are cost-effective when compared to maintenance costs of traditional concrete floors.

The Ideal Factory Flooring Solution

Factory epoxy flooring is an ideal solution for your facility to increase safety and boost production. Most industrial facilities require slip-resistant flooring as most spaces are susceptible to risks with a dry or wet slippery floor. Our full-service epoxy coatings have a customizable skid-resistant surface with a mild to coarse texture.

The right factory floor coating can transform your facility into a productive, clean and safe environment that will withstand use and abuse for many years to come. There’s no doubt that constant contact with chemicals and heavy equipment increases the risks of slip and fall accidents. That’s why all facilities need slip-resistant flooring, which is most commonly achieved through an epoxy coating.

In the factory setting, productivity is key. The last thing you want is for your workers to run into safety issues due to a slippery factory floor that could produce a serious injury or worse. Factories can withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear, but not without the right flooring in place. Industries such as food processing or factories dealing with chemicals must choose an epoxy coating that will enhance safety by providing an effective slip-resistant surface.

Keeping a factory and its equipment from getting damaged from debris or from workers slipping on wet areas is imperative. By having a floor coating that maximizes protection along with having a texture or pattern that is easy to maintain, the factory can constantly operate at optimal efficiency which makes for an efficient assembly line.

Additional Pros of Factory Epoxy Flooring

Factory epoxy flooring increases strength and safety

Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for factory floors because they are durable and slick. Yes, flooring can be slippery, but with a non-slip coating, it remains durable and safe. Factory epoxy floor coating is a great choice as it is not slippery when wet and can withstand chemicals and heavy industrial traffic. With an epoxy coating, you can be sure that your factory flooring will not crack or break apart easily.

When it comes to factory epoxy flooring, we’ve got you covered. We offer a range of epoxy floor coatings for your floors. With our team of professionals, we can also customize your floor coatings depending on the area of usage.

Factory Epoxy flooring has a longer lifespan

Coating your industrial factories with epoxy floor coatings is a commendable long-term investment. Although it is slightly costly, its advantages are indeed many. You can easily clean them, and you will also have strong and durable floors that would not scratch or crack easily due to falls or impacts. You will also have protection against oil spills in your plants and warehouses, which is vital especially if you work with chemicals. This material may be worth the investment that will boost your business.

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