Concrete Floor Topping Sydney

Concrete floor topping refers to the process of installing a new layer of concrete above the old and worn out one to increase the structural integrity and durability of the base concrete. Concrete topping provides structural enhancement to the current base concrete without intrusive damage to the area.

Concrete Driveway Topping Professionals in Sydney

Concrete floor topping is not an easy task. If not done properly, cracks from the old concrete can be carried over on the new concrete. That is why it is necessary to hire concrete floor topping professionals so that you can save more on maintenance costs and so that the job can be carried out right. We use high-quality materials and the right equipment to get the best results.

Concrete Floor Topping Prep Work

Here at EzyGrind, our team of professionals are equipped with the proper skills and abilities to provide concrete floor topping to transform your old and cracked concrete into concrete that looks like new. Cementitious concrete driveway topping can also be installed with different honing and staining methods to increase its strength and durability. But first, let us take a look at some of the prep work that we do so that you can get your money’s worth:

  • Preliminary Assessment
    • First, we need to make sure that your old concrete can pass the initial requirements for concrete floor topping.
  • Base Concrete Preparation
    • Once the base concrete passes the initial assessment, it is then prepared by removing dusts and other debris and contaminations that may affect the uniformity of the concrete.
  • Concrete topping Installation
    • We make sure to use the proper tools and provide our clients with concrete topping professionals so we can finish the job quickly without significantly affecting your day-to-day activities. After the concrete topping has been applied, finishing and curing then follows.

Now that you have an idea as to how concrete driveway topping works, contact us right now to get an obligation-free quote for your concrete floor topping needs.

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