Commercial Polished Concrete

The use of commercial polished concrete floors in a property’s interior has been the latest in the commercial construction industry. Wise property owners stay on top of the industry by capitalizing on this trend.
Try to be aware of your surroundings, and you'll notice an increase of polished concrete floors in commercial establishments. These commercial polished concrete floors are being seen just about everywhere you can imagine. Commercial concrete polishing today is used for sites as varied as office buildings, manufacturing settings, factories, boutique retail shops, warehouses, airports, churches, auditoriums, and many other types of commercial sites such as polished concrete floor commercial kitchen. This increase is brought about by the seen benefits these floors provide to both builders and property owners.

Long-lasting Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete commercial flooring is subjected to high foot traffic, large loads, and impacts. All of these can wear, scrape, pit, and chip an existing concrete slab floor. Proper technique and preparation are key to ensure surface contaminants do not distract from the desired smooth aesthetic of the polished floor. The existing concrete surface is completely cleaned and prepared by Ezygrind's team of professionals.

Commercial polished concrete is a low-cost, no-wax, low-maintenance flooring surface that immediately brightens and strengthens commercial facilities. This is an excellent commercial polished concrete solution for spaces that require aesthetic or definite long-lasting floor.

Versatile: Polished Concrete Commercial Flooring

Commercial polished concrete is a multi-step process that gives it its versatility. This in turn allows you to choose a variety of colors and designs. You may also add personal logos or monograms and integrate decorative floor cuts or motifs.

Not only that, but you may also select the level of smoothness that best suits the aesthetics, traffic, and use of your business spaces. You can choose from matte to high-gloss finishes. Most often, business owners choose a medium-gloss surface with medium, mirror-like refection. It uses an 800-grit finish that reveal micro-pinholes that are more quickly grouted and polished. You will commonly see this in retail, public, and commercial spaces.

You may have a preconceived notion of what commercial polished concrete floors should look like, but the possibilities are endless. The range for the ultimate appearance of polished concrete floors is virtually limitless. The availability of varied aggregates, colors, and design patterns, as well as tools, make these possible.

With Ezygrind, you can easily access all of them to suit your needs and preferences. Our skilled staff will consult with you and come up with the finest solution. They will set up your commercial area in compliance with commercial standards, based on your requests.

Big Savings with Commercial Concrete Polishing

When planning and scheduling polished concrete commercial flooring project, cost and budget are always top priorities. Concrete polishing a commercial floor is a wonderful alternative for business spaces and enterprises because it is simple, inexpensive, and quick to clean.

Commercial polished concrete flooring is a more cost-effective alternative to carpet, vinyl, or linoleum installation. It costs about half to one-third the price of installing ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. It is also much less expensive than marble or natural stone flooring.

Commercial polished concrete does not require waxing to look good and holds up well to frequent washing. Concrete polishing, as opposed to chemical-based coatings or carpet tiles composed of petroleum compounds or composites, just rubs what is naturally on the floor. Polished concrete brightens dark places by reflecting light off its beautiful sheen.

Polished to a mirror-like sheen for high-impact luxury applications, or to a modest shine for no-wax easy maintenance. Polished concrete is extremely long-lasting and wears beautifully over time. Because your finished product is actually your existing concrete substrate renovated, your overall short-term cost is lower. Lower maintenance costs reflect your long-term cost savings.

Ezygrind, a commercial polished concrete contractor, understands this, and will take customers’ unique situation, time, and needs very seriously.

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